Creative Director and Product Innovation Lead

In his projects and workshops he creates highly experiential methods that open up new, future facing perspectives for product development.

Perceiving Predictions

Using small receipt messages in a real store to test customer (dis)comforts around future predictions at the point of sale.

—> Client: BBVA Innovation Center


A range of co-creation workshops to explore the role of cultural context when deploying global AI technologies.

—> Client: Google AI Research

AI Associations

A series of highly personal exercises to explore common perceptions, associations and superstitions around AI.

—> Client: Google AI Research

Audi - Incognito Futures

A series of future ads - created in a workshop with Audi’s data leadership - that explores the role of privacy in the future generation of data driven cars.

—> Client: Audi Data Intelligence

Public Space Serenity

Using a fictitious city department to explore the role of cities to enable privacy and anonymity in the 24/7 connected future city.

—> Client: City of New York, w/ Chris Woebken

Experiencing Personal Data

Creating an interactive live experience to showcase to an audience how easy our own data can come back and haunt us.

—> Performed at: TEDx, FITC, MTP Engage, Bloomberg Redux

(Ob)serving Behaviors

A series of exercises in that participants secretly surveil each other - using their eyes and ears only - to experience what it means to observe and be observed through personal data.

Messy Realities

A workshop that uses local research to expose some of the messy realities behind today's 24/7 connectivity.

—> Client: City of New York


Through teaching he explores with students the social implications of today's emerging technologies becoming tomorrow's everyday reality.

Data F(r)ictions

A class that explores the future implications of increasing access to our personal data through scenarios, storytelling and experiments.

—> School of Visual Arts, MFA Interaction Design

Future (Im)perfect -
Emerging Ethics

Using research, discussions and design to stimulate new discourse around the ethical implication of todays emerging technologies.

—> School of Visual Arts, MFA Interaction Design

Future (Im)perfect -
Learning from Extremes

Creating extreme, AI driven future products to then explore their unintended social and cultural implications and develop practical strategies to mitigate then.

—> School of Visual Arts, MFA Interaction Design

(Ob)Serving Data

A class in that students observe each other - through their own data trails - to uncover and highlight the unintended consequences of today's data driven products.

—> School of Visual Arts, MFA Interaction Design

Futures (Im)perfect

An ongoing essay series that explores the everyday implications of today’s emerging technologies become tomorrow’s reality.

#1 - Data Discounts

Exploring the potential implications of receiving discounts in exchange for our personal data.

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