A Creative Director and Product Design Lead.

Through workshops and teaching he explores - together with participants - the future implications of today's technologies.

BBVA Innovation Center - RecSys Futures

A whitepaper that identifies new frictions around the increasing accuracy of future recommender systems.

New York City - NYC Foresight

Creating a fictitious NYC department to explore the role of future cities to also cater to the downsides of 24/7 connectivity in public space.

New York City - Messy Realities

Unvovering the messy ‘on the ground’ realities behind contemporary smart city visions.

Audi Privacy Functions

Exploring the role of privacy in future generation of cars through a series of add-on functions.

Futures (Im)perfect

An ongoing essay series that explores some of the everyday complexities that may occur when today’s emerging technologies become tomorrow’s reality.

#1 - Data Discounts

Exploring the potential implications of receiving discounts in exchange for our personal data.

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Teaching & Workshops

Creating new methods that make us think differently about the future implications of technology.

Future (Im)perfect - MFA class

An MFA class that explores the ethical implication of today’s emerging technologies from AI to DNA editing to synthetic biology.

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Data Fictions - MFA class

A MFA class in that students observe each other through their own personal data to inspire scenarios that highlight the future role of our personal data.