A Creative Director and Product Design Lead.

As an independent creative director he has been working with the below companies and startups as direct clients.

Google AI Research

Setting up a global workshop initiative that - through the lense of future local AI products - explores the importance of cultural context when deploying AI technologies.

Microsoft Envision Center

Rethinking how photos and other visual assets could be displayed over time.

Volkswagen Future Center

A range of future services that exemplify how the capabilities of our home AI’s would play out in the mobility sector.

BBVA Innovation Center

Transforming BBVA’s credit card data into a suite of data-driven services that provide insights to urban stakeholders.


Conceptualizing and designing an award - winning product experience for Panasonic’s inflight entertainment division.

Audi Data Intelligence

Conceptualizing a range of in-car functions to enhance privacy and trust in future AI equipped cars.

Memorial Sloan Kettering

Creating a range of AI driven services to facilitate better decision making among clinicians, caretakers and patients.

Telefonica Innovation

Creating data driven products from mobile phone data to enable new insights around behaviors in cities.


A range of data driven services aiming to optimize the available support for New York City’s Homeless population.


Rethinking Citizen’s approach to user engagement by creating new types of cross-platform interactions through product and feature sets.

Status Money

Making Status Money’s customer interactions with financial information more engaging through data-driven interactions and widgets.