Creative Director and Product Innovation Lead

Daniel Goddemeyer is an award - winning designer and consultant who helps companies to envision future products, services and interactions - often around data, AI and machine intelligences.

As independent consultant with 15+ years of experience he has been working directly with research and design teams of global clients such as Google AI Research, Volkswagen Future Center, Audi Data Intelligence, Panasonic, the Microsoft Envision Team, the BBVA Innovation Center and Lego as well as a range of startups on a variety of product innovation, design and interaction projects.

For these clients he has set up a global initiative that explored the role of cultural context and local associations for global AI assistants, created new features driven by swarm intelligence for future generation of cars, has pioneered award winning interfaces that allow for new interactions with urban data as well as conceptualized, designed and launched a range of successful data products and services.

When working with clients he typically advises as outside consultant, contributes to projects individually or closely collaborates with internal R&D or design teams to provide creative and thought leadership.

In his projects he typically focuses on translating research into new product opportunities, concepts and design solutions, speculative design & ‘future of’ projects, visual prototyping and scenario building, high level and detail product, service and interaction design, creative and team leadership, experimental workshop & ideation methods as well as creating strategic product visions that exemplify future potentials while clearly relating to, influencing and guiding the present.

In his work he is specifically curious in exploring what kind of future intelligences will co-inhabit our everyday lives and how these, in turn, will transform our own experience and understanding what it means to be human.

He continuously investigates this further through research, new ideation and workshop methods that - through own experience - help us to better understand these future human perspectives for product design and development.

From 2012 - 2018 he was the founder and principal of Offc., a New York City based award - winning design studio that specialized in transforming data and AI - driven technologies into new products, interactions and visualizations. He has previously worked for agencies such as IDEO, Artefact Group, Teague, Antenna Design, ReD Associates and Future Farmers in various roles throughout his career.

From 2018 to 2020 he was the co-founder of Joyner, an interactive experience software for events.

For his work he has received several distinctions and awards from the Art Directors Club, the Red Dot Award, the German Design Price, Fast Company's Innovation by Design, the Kantar Information is Beautiful Award and Industrial Designers Society of America and has been featured in leading industry publications such Discursive Design, Cultural Analytics and Data Visualization in Society, Wired Magazine, the Creators Projects as well as CBS News.

He is an avid speaker and has recently spoken at conferences such as Interaction18, OFFF Barcelona, FITC Toronto, MTP Engage and TEDx among others.

He further teaches the annual class Future (Im)perfect in the MA Interaction Design Program at the School of Visual Arts in New York that helps students to develop a point of view about their future role - and responsibility - as designers when working with increasingly pervasive and sometimes ethically questionable technologies.

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