Creative Director and Product Innovation Lead

As Consultant he works with Companies to envision future Products, Services and Experiences - often around Data and AI.

Google AI - LocAI

Exploring - through the lens of future products - the role of local context and cultural associations when deploying global AI technologies.

—> Project Lead, Google AI Research, Confidential

Audi - Preserving Privacies

A range of future features that explore how our evolving notions around privacy would manifest themselves in the future generation of connected cars.

—> Project Lead, Audi Data Intelligence


Panasonic Inflight - neXperience

A new kind of interactive in-flight experience that integrates relevant trip information with entertainment.

—> Conceptual Lead, Artefact Seattle

BBVA - Recommending Futures

Exploring the future of hyper accurate recommender systems across a variety of touchpoints and speculative formats.

—> Project, BBVA Innovation Center

NYC City - The Department of Foresight

A range of speculative thought starters under the umbrella of a fictitious city department to inspire more human approaches to the 24/7 connected data driven smart city.

—> Client: City of New York

Fast Company
'World Changing
Ideas' - Finalist

The Urban Canaries

Tackling the impacts of air pollution on children through a pollution sensor whose own health is depending on its exposure to clean air.

—> Project Lead, Commissioned Project

Microsoft - Smart Home Memories

Envisioning new experiences around the display and interaction with photographic memories in the future smart home.

—> Project Lead, Microsoft Envision Team, Confidential

Volkswagen - Mobility AIs

Exploring - through a range of conceptual products - how current home AIs will change future customer expectations on mobility services.

—> Project Lead, Volkswagen Future Center, Confidential

BBVA - C360

Transforming BBVA’s credit card data into a suite of data-driven services that provide insights to urban stakeholders.

—> Project Lead, BBVA Innovation Center, Confidential

Memorial Sloan Kettering

Creating a future vision that showcases the potential of voice technology to improve cancer care.

—> Project Vision Lead, MSK Cancer Center, Confidential

Telefonica R&D

Envisioning a range of consumer products and features that utilize the behavioral insights derived from cell phone data.

—> Project Lead, Telefonica R&D, Confidential

Citizen App

Enabling new ways of community engagement through a range of data-driven product features.

—> Individual Contributor, Citizen App, Confidential



An app that captures, maps and visualizes the available cell phone reception in the entire New York City subway.

—> Project Lead, Self Initiated

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Experiments & Collaborations

To explore specific technologies in depth he frequently collaborates with scientists and engineers for more artistic experiments.

'Information is
beautiful' Award

Experiencing Personal Data

Using an interactive experience to showcase to an audience how easy our own data can come back and haunt us.

—> Performed at: TEDx, FITC, MTP Engage, Bloomberg Redux

'Information is
beautiful' Award

On Broadway

An interactive interface that enables new ways of exploring digital life in the 21st century city.

—> Project Lead, 'Information is Beautiful' Award (Silver)

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'Information is
beautiful' Award


A visual investigation of self-portrait (selfie) styles in five cities across the world.

—> Conceptual Lead, 'Information is Beautiful' Award (Gold)

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Reimagining Billy

Exploring generative AI's ability to recognize visual styles through a redesign of IKEA's iconic Billy bookcase by the who is who of classic design.

Sensing ‘The Shining’

Visualizing the emotional reactions to Stanley Kubricks classic ‘The Shining’ - using the frames of the movie itself.

—> Experimental Collaboration

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Nosy Parker

An interactive installation that exemplifies the loss of authorship and control in digital society.

—> Conceptual Lead, Antenna Design

Exploring the role of local context in AI product design with Google AI - Write up on the Google People + AI Medium Channel here