A Creative Director and Product Design Lead.

Below a project selection of recently published products, services and design experiments.

Live Audience

Data Futures - TEDx Live Experience

An custom interactive experience that demonstrates to an audience the implications of leaving behind personal data.

—> Shown at TEDx, Vivid, FITC, Interaction18

—> Kantar 'Information is beautiful' Award 2018

TEDx Video / Interaction17 Video


A experimental camera app that uses peaks in the user's heartbeat to capture and emphasize the meaningful moments of everyday life.

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Capturing, mapping and visualizing the available cell phone reception in the entire New York City subway.

—> Fast Co Innovation by Design Award (Shortlist)

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On Broadway

A new type of city view to represent digital life in the 21st century city.

—> Kantar Information is Beautiful Award (Silver)

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A visual investigation of self-portrait (selfie) styles in five cities across the world.

—> Kantar Information is Beautiful Award (Gold)

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Sensing ‘The Shining’

Visualizing the emotional reactions to movies, exemplified with Stanley Kubricks classic ‘The Shining’.

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The Urban Canaries

Exploring new ways of tackling air pollution through a pollution sensor whose own health is depending on its exposure to clean air.

—> Fast Company - 'World Changing Ideas' Award (Finalist)

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A concept study for a wearable camera triggered by sudden peaks in happiness of its wearer.

Nosy Parker

An interactive installation that explores the loss of control over our personal data.

—> IDEA ‘Best Interactive Environment’ Award (Bronze)