A Researcher and Designer based in New York City.

In his design experiments he pushes the boundaries of today’s applicable technologies.

Live Experiment
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Data Futures - Live Experiment

An interactive experiment - involving a live audience - that practically showcases how quickly our own personal data can come back to haunt us.

—> Shown at TEDx, Vivid, FITC, Interaction18

TEDx Video / Interaction17 Video


A camera app that uses peaks in the wearers heartbeat to automatically capture and emphasize the meaningful moments of everyday life.


Capturing, mapping and visualizing the available cell phone reception in the entire New York City subway.

—> Fast Co Innovation by Design Award (Shortlist)

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On Broadway

A new type of city view to represent digital life in the 21st century city.

—> Kantar Information is Beautiful Award (Silver)

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The Urban Canaries

Exploring new ways of tackling air pollution through a pollution sensor whose own health is depending on its exposure to clean air.

—> Fast Company - 'World Changing Ideas' Award (Finalist)

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A visual investigation of self-portrait (selfie) styles in five cities across the world.

—> Kantar Information is Beautiful Award (Gold)

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Sensing ‘The Shining’

Utilizing a galvanic skin response sensor to visualize the emotional highlights in movies, exemplified with Stanley Kubricks classic ‘The Shining’.


A concept study for a wearable camera triggered by sudden peaks in happiness of its wearer.

Nosy Parker

An interactive installation that explores the loss of control over our personal data.

—> IDEA ‘Best Interactive Environment’ Award (Bronze)